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Today, the Guyana Shop delivers irresistibly low prices through the availability of product lines of more than 60 local Agro-Processing Companies. We work hard to ensure you get the lowest prices possible on the items you and your family need every day.

The Guyana Shop boldly transforms the retail experience becoming Guyana’s only one stop shop for Locally Manufactured Products. Focused on making the customer experience better every day, management is constantly dreaming up new ways to revive the many joys of shopping. During every visit, customers will discover great prices every day in an exclusive shopping environment that features exceptionally high quality products, a dynamic presentation and unmatched customer service.

Visit us at the Guyana Shop and discover how innovative thinking, leadership through service, and above all, our unwavering commitment to saving people money by providing an extensive verity of exquisite locally manufactured products at unbeatable prices. At the Guyana Shop, we fervently believe that no family should have to choose between food that is good for them and food they can afford. Moreover, every citizen should have easy access to wholesome and healthy products, no matter where they live. To this effect, local manufacturers are required to supply their FDA Registration issued from the Food & Drug Analysis Department; ensuring the quality while simultaneously securing the safety of all shelved products.

Guyana has embarked on an agricultural transformation, placing special emphasis on the promotion of local value-added products. Our farmers and entrepreneurs are at the center of this transformation. Furthermore, Guyana is proud of our reputation of possessing fresh nutritious agricultural produce, but by way of the Guyana Shop we now possess a unique opportunity to market the Land of Many Waters as a country with nutritious, high quality value-added agro-processed food, condiments and snacks. Come to the Guyana Shop and see for yourselves what our farmers and agro-processors have to offer you. Come to the Guyana Shop and let your sight, smell and taste take you on a journey while you discover another side of Guyana.

Conveniently located in the Capital City at the corners of Alexander and Robb Streets, Lacytown; the Guyana Shop offer its customers a unique shopping experience while demonstrating our relentless effort to provide not only food security for the country but also ensuring that local farmers and producers make available products of the highest quality for local consumption and exportation at unbeatable prices.