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Products Available at the Guyana Shop

The Guyana Shop is renowned for shelving products of high quality and standards. All shelved products are certified by the Food and Drug Administration Department. Additionally, manufacturers are required to have in their possession, valid food handling certificates for all workers involved in the process of manufacturing their respective products.

The Guyana Shop is home to more than 50 local manufacturers and their respective products. The variety of products available is both extensive and diverse and they include:

·         Sauces, Seasonings, Fruit Punch

·         Cassava Bread, Salted Fish and Shrimp

·         Soaps, Pie Filling, Heart of Palm

·         Cassareep, Detergents, Juices

·         Fruit Concentrates, Jams, Fruit Mix

·         Coconut Water, Ground Coffee, Fruit Wines

·         Honey, Achar, Spices

·         Plantain and Potato Chips, Tamarind Balls

·         Sugar, Flour, Eggs,

·         Local Craft